Our guarantee

At Staycations-Ireland we give a 100% Premium Service Guarantee. The Satisfaction of our customers is our number one Priority therefor we are also there for you in an emergency.


We answer every request within 24-hours

If you send us a request vie email, through our website or via social media, we guarantee you to answer your request within 24-hours (excluding weekends)

Our 24-hour availability guarantee

We guarantee with our 24-hour emergency telephone number round-the-clock availability in case of emergency during your staycation or a recall guarantee within 30 minutes

€ 150 as a gift – if you cannot reach us in an emergency during your holiday

What is the 24-hour availability guarantee?

For all trips lasting, we give you a 24-hour availability guarantee

This means: If you have a breakdown or an accident on holiday and can’t reach us or we don’t call you back within 30 minutes – then we’ll give you € 150!

What are the conditions?

  • The 24 hour availability guarantee applies to all trips longer than 4 days
  • The 24-hour availability guarantee does not apply to services not booked through us
  • If you do not make use of a service, the guarantee does not apply, e.g. you are not satisfied with an accommodation and cancel it without consulting us

Process description:

How is the 24-hour availability guarantee handled? What do you have to do if you have not reached us in an emergency?

  • You make a screenshot of the call made on your mobile phone (date and time must be visible) and send us an e-mail including the screenshot and the description of the emergency to info@staycations-ireland.com. Until your day of departure you have time to make your claim.
  • We will check your details immediately and give you an appropriate answer within 24 hours (weekdays). If your e-mail reaches us at the weekend, the processing time will take longer.
  • The € 150 will be refunded to your bank account within 14 days after your return.

About us

Here at Staycations-Ireland, we offer free advice on holidaying in Ireland and have created a few eBooks to help you to plan & book your own vacation.

Our suggested packages include full itineraries to fill your days, hidden gems and loads of accommodation options. So all you need to do is relax and enjoy your holiday.